Dry Transfers for maintenance and repair of digital video devices

Our latest blog showcases the work of Bernard Esterhuysen, a new client who repairs and refurbishes various electronic equipment primarily used for the Film/TV Industry in addition to serving as a Highspeed Camera Technician for the industry himself.

Recent project; custom refurbishment of a waveform monitor

Bernard kindly got in touch about his recent project. An experienced Camera Technician himself, Bernard refurbished a Leader Multi SDI monitor (LV5330). This type of monitor is used by Imaging Technicians in the Film Industry; it is designed for on-camera and portable applications offering picture, waveform, vector, audio, and status.

As you can see from the before and after images (below), the monitor had seen a lot of use and so the paintwork needed respraying, therefore the labels needed replacing, hence the dry transfers.

Bernard found us on Google but spoke to our experienced team first to ensure he received the support he needed.

“This was my first time using dry transfers for a professional project. I have done some decal and transfers in my youth on model projects etc, but nothing like this.”

Dry transfers bring the project together

The project needed dry transfers that would match the original. We suggested a set of A5 gloss white transfers that go great against the metallic grey of the monitor.  The set included various sizes of text, logos and icons in sets allowing Bernard to decide which ones worked for him and have some spares.

We love the final completed project and received some glowing words from Bernard:
“I just wanted to thank you for your help with my design. The refurbished monitor came out looking very good indeed. I used a water based lacquer to protect the transfers and finished with silk acrylic lacquer on top.  Very happy with the results.”

Further projects

“I am currently working on some Custom built Battery/Cable Tester Units.  I might require some custom decals and will be in touch when I get to the “cosmetic” phase.”

Order your dry transfers

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