Dry Transfers

Dry Transfers/Rubdowns/Dry Rubs - people use different terms for these useful little decals. Much like the more famous Letraset®, these bespoke transfers do not need water to apply them. All you do is apply a little pressure using either a soft pencil or if you want a more professional look you could use a Burnisher.

Dry transfers for isotropic satellite mockupDry transfers on product for english AcousticsDry transfers featuring flagModel engineer Dry Transfers for locomotiveDry transfers in foil

Some uses for Dry Transfers

The uses for Dry Transfers have proved limitless over the years. Primarily used in Pre-Production models and props for the tv and film industry. We have supplied dry transfers to a wide array of customers who have even managed to surprise us with the type of products they put them on.

Pre-Production Models • Prototypes • Film Props • Airplane Instrumentation • Sports Cars • Guitars • Book Covers • Museum Displays • Restoration Projects

How to order

Send us your vector file

PDF, AI or EPS – with all text converted to shape (outlines).

Let us know your colour

Tell us a coated or uncoated Pantone® reference or send us a swatch to match.
Dry Transfers finishes

Pick a finish you would like

  • Matt/Satin – This is a standard finish, we will mix to your colour reference.
  • Gloss – To give your design a bit of sheen, we will mix to your colour reference.
  • Foil – This replicates foil blocking, there are standard foil colours we use. (We will charge a little extra for mixing a foil to match as closely as we can to a Pantone Colour®)

10% OFF your first order

If your order is placed before 11am we will endeavour to get them out on an next day delivery*.
Please call for an estimated delivery time.

(*Timescales are subject to workload. Large quantities of dry transfers may require additional time, we will advise upon ordering.)

Bespoke Dry Transfers

If you are looking to brand or decorate prototypes or one-off special items for props, film sets or mock-ups we can produce special high-end designs. We already cater for blockbuster film crews, TV shows, design agencies and for specialist model-markers.

Our dedicated team have created dry transfers for, amongst others, the UK film industry, British amplifiers and mock-up satellites.

A bit about BEL Signs

With over 20 years experience in the production of Dry Transfers our staff are able to produce highly detailed transfers, we can match to a Pantone® Reference Coated or UnCoated, or if you have a particular colour project produced previously send us a swatch or the item and we will match as closely as we can to it.

BEL Signs we are also able to supply various other forms of signage and print in addition to printed and embroidered clothing, take a look at our main site for more of our products and services.

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