4th Avenue Guitars using our dry transfers

Adding a professional touch to 4th Avenue guitars

Our new blog shares the experience of a new customer: 4th Avenue Guitars. Hand building custom guitars in York, each guitar has a serial number and is hand signed. They have now tried our Matt dry transfers in silver and black for the headstock before applying a coat of clear coat varnish.

You can read their journey here from Anthony, manufacturer and owner of 4th Avenue Guitars.

Using dry transfers onto handmade guitars

Anthony found us via an online search;

“I’ve been working on my first couple of batches of production guitars recently so have been trying to streamline processes and make certain things look more professional, so the headstock logos should save me hours of work over using aluminium inlays, even when I do finally get my CNC to cut them out for certain models.
I created my own design using Inkscape as I’m familiar with the software and just messed with the scaling to export in the correct format for your design team to work with (after a bit of guidance on what file type was necessary).”


“I’m a little way off having the next batch of necks ready to test the logo transfers, but the hands-built labels for the back of headstocks work great so far and are very easy to work with. I’m hoping to spray the clear coat over them soon to see how well they work with that.”

Find out more

You can see 4th Avenue Guitars adding dry transfers on their Instagram: