Dry Transfers for English Acoustics by BEL Signs

Dry Transfers for power amplifiers and stereo systems made by English Acoustics

It’s our pleasure to have supplied dry transfers to English Acoustics for over a year now. Each handcrafted and beautifully made audio product has at least one, if not a whole set, of dry transfers.

Our dry transfers feature on the product in various sizes, as a logo, directions of use and instructions.

One particular dry transfer features a union jack, as all English Acoustic products are proudly made in Britain, as part of the certified Made in Britain membership.

Each power amplifier or stereo system is manufactured at their factory and coloured in what can only be described as an exciting array of choice from Lansdowne Gold to British Green or their popular Cotswold Blue. Once dry, our dry transfers are applied before the final lacquer and polished.

Fun Fact: Jack White’s record shop, Third man Records, in London has a yellow stereo 21 on display.

Our dry transfers are ideal for this type of product as text can be made into transfers at a small size, great for miniature labelling. They also benefit from the hand finishing that English Acoustics pay particular attention too, as dry transfers must be rubbed down onto surfaces and give a high-end finish. Unlike a sticker, dry transfers cannot be peeled off and do not need any special water or adhesive to apply them.

Peter Farrow, Chief Technology Officer at English Acoustics says:
Fantastic Service, High Quality products, very fast turnaround. We use BEL Signs for all our transfers on all our high-end audio products at English Acoustics.”

If you would like to know more about our dry transfers service, or would like to contact us, please get in touch:
Call: 01403 255442 or email: design@belsigns.co.uk