A quick how-to video: applying Dry Transfers to flat media

Our custom made dry transfers are produced here in our factory, by an expert team. Here, we show you how to apply a dry transfer to a flat piece of media. With a few simple hints and tips, your dry transfer will look great.

Whether it is a tv or film prop, prototype, restoration project, exhibition display, packaging or advertising project, dry transfers allow you a professional-looking product. Logos, text or decorative elements in satin, matt or gloss in addition to a foil finish.


  • Once you have received your transfers open them with care to avoid damaging them.
  • Carefully cut a dry transfer out of the sheet keeping the backing paper behind the transfer.
  • Make sure the media your applying to is clean, dry and free from dust.
  • Then use small tabs of tape to secure your transfer in position before rubbing down.
  • Rub over the transfer making sure you cover all areas to transfer the graphic from the sheet to your media.
  • You can now carefully remove the front carrier sheet leaving the transfer behind.
  • It can sometimes be helpful to use the leftover piece of backing sheet over the transfer to help firm it down ensuring good adhesion.
  • Generally the transfers have good durability but are not ideal for lots of handing. In this instance lacquers may be applied over the transfers.