Dry Transfers for re-sprayed printer panel

Dry transfers for re-spray project

Pier Lorenzi kindly shared his latest project with us, a Roland GX-24 panel, which required dry transfers.

Pier is a professional paint sprayer, primarily working for McLaren Automotive in the UK and undertaking bespoke projects. With a degree in art restoration, he also has knowledge of Illustrator within Adobe Creative Cloud. This enabled him to design and recreate the graphics required to replicate the original.

Placing instructions back on the panel

Having sprayed the panel the instructional arrows and functions were required to be placed back on, matching the original. Featuring text, arrows, numbers and icons the instructional dry transfers were created as a sheet in black with a matt finish. As this was Pier’s first order he received our 10% discount.

You can see the journey and creation of the panel graphics onto the final panel back in-situ. Our dry transfers can be applied to most smooth surfaces, great for restoration projects such as this.

Pier says:
“I’m really surprised about BEL Signs service. Rob offered me a good and competitive price for my dry decals set, also they did lot of extra spares decals for my project, high recommended.”

Need artwork? Don’t worry we can design your transfers

If you don’t have access to a creative program such as Adobe Illustrator, don’t despair, we have a design team able to create your dry transfers for you. Simply let us know as much detail as possible about the project, the size of the lettering or shapes required and we send a proof over before completing the order.

Order your Dry Transfers

If you would like to know more about our dry transfers service, or would like to contact us, please get in touch, call: 01403 255442 or email: design@belsigns.co.uk

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